The Shiori

Japanese KAISEKI dining influenced Kyoto culinary experience at the SHIORI where is intimately small but fine
flagship restaurant of Chef TAKASHI TAKAGI 髙木貴志
built his entire chef-career in Kyoto under the philosophy of his old master Chef Mori for 京料理 KYO-RYORI & 京懐石KYO-KAISEKI
 The Perfection focused on balance of the taste, texture, colours and appearance based on seasonal theme

 OPEN Tuesday through Saturday (Closed on Sunday & Monday)

Dress code: Smart casual & Not to wear Perfumes or strong Cologne/body sprays

+SHIORI GIFT VOUCHER The customers who hold the gift vouchers issued by the Shiori and have not made any reservation with us yet, please contact us as soon as possible (Phone: 020-7221-9790 or e-mail to:, as the vouchers will not be acceptable from September2015 and the voucher system will be changed.


Customer Notice: We have not got any Facebook account that says The Shiori: Sushi restaurant, is thought to be made by anyonelse (not by us), so please do not pass any personal details of yours through the facebook account called The Shiori: Sushi restaurant if you meant to us